You Are Secured in His Arms

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Just as a little baby is secured in her mother’s arm and also in her father’s arms so also you are secured in the arms of Jehovah the God of Papa SBJ Oshoffa.

Look at what Celestial Hymn 537 says:

FEAR not in arms of the Lord Jesus,
Nothing exists to be feared
The fire that burns cannot come near thee, Devil’s uprisings are subdued.

I cling unto His crucifix,
Everything I count as vain
Fear not my soul I assured thee,
There is joy in blood of Jesus.

I will never forsake
Thee Lord Jesus my redeemer
It is in thee my salvation lies,
Thou alone can exalt me.

Let Celestians be full of joy for the bridegroom lives within you
Joy is yours keep rejoicing,
Crown of glory reserved for you. Amen.

Jesus taught us well. While on the cross, He knew He is secured with God and so He committed His Spirit in God’s hands because on the 3rd day Father will restored the Spirit.

It is better you understand that your security is only guaranteed in the Lord. The more reason at this season He suffered so as for you not to suffer in other to perfect your security in Him. So lean on Him, once you are in His arms there is nothing to worry about because He alone is your refuge.

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