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How would you feel if God told you to marry the worst of the worst? This is a picture of what Christ did for us. Christ went into the worst and most dangerous areas to find His bride. Christ went to a place where other men would not go to find His bride. Hosea’s bride was unfaithful to him.

Notice that God didn’t tell Hosea to divorce his bride. He said, “Go find her.” God told him to love a former prostitute who got married and went back into prostitution after she was given so much grace. Hosea went to a bad neighborhood filled with thugs and evil people to search for his bride.

He finally found his bride, but he was told that she would not be given to him without a price. Even though that Hosea was still married to her, she was now the property of someone else. He had to buy her for a price that was expensive for him. She’s already his wife! Hosea bought his bride who was not worthy of his love, his forgiveness, his favor, such a great price.

Hosea loved Gomer, but for some reason it was hard for Gomer to accept his love. In the same way, for some reason it’s hard for us to accept Christ’s love. We think His love is conditional and we can’t comprehend how He would love us in our mess. Just like Gomer we start looking for love in all the wrong places. Instead of our worth coming from Christ we start to find our worth and identity in the things of the world. Instead, this leaves us broken. In the midst of our brokenness and our unfaithfulness God never stopped loving us. Instead, He bought us.

God is already our Creator. He made us, so He already owns us. This is why it is even more astounding that He paid the hefty price for people that He already owns. We have been rescued by the blood of Christ. Christ has set us free.

Imagine what Gomer is thinking in her mind as she looks at her husband as he is buying her while she is in a situation that she caused. Due to her own unfaithfulness she was shackled, filthy, despised, etc. It would be hard for a man to love a woman who put him through such grief. Gomer looked at her husband thinking, “why does he love me so much?” Gomer was a mess just like us, but our Hosea loved us took upon our shame on the cross.

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