Worship The Essence of Creation of Man

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God loves worship and He loves to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. God made man so that man can worship Him. .

The battle that erupted in Heaven engineered by Lucifer was because of man. Lucifer being the custodian of Mountain of Revelation by chance got
the revelation and saw what God intend to do with man. He saw man
(Celestials) bowing down worshipping God and Lucifer now purported in
His heart to also want to be worshipped by man because He saw the glory
that emerges when man was worshipping God, the same way you see and feel
the glory each time we worship God truly in Celestial Church. And
Lucifer conspired and canvass 1/3 One-Third of the Angels so as to
dethroned the Almighty Jehovah and He lost his position and was chased
away from heaven. ( I will expantiate more on this in another write up
…coming up soon)

God does not joke with WORSHIP, he destroyed
the chariots of Egypt and Pharaoh at the Red Sea, so that His own chosen
people could go and worship Him. God created you so that you can
worship Him. And when you worship Him frequently you learn:

1. That God is the Glorious Almighty
2. To depend solely and trust the might of Jehovah
3. To appreciate the mightiness of God also being His handwork
4. To walk over battles of life on a platter of gold
5. To live in abundance of every good thing He has available for you.
See, I can go on and on…. He chose you because He loves you. He loves
you that’s why He wants you to worship in truth and in spirit. Never
miss every opportunity to worship your creator. It pays to worship

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