Who Is A Celestial?

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[post_views post_types=”post,page” icon_or_phrase=”Views:”] A Celestial is a person, NOT the name or the religion of a person. .

A Celestial is born of the Holy Spirit, NOT born of flesh and blood.

A Celestial is someone made by birth into God’s family, NOT someone made by association with and/or attendance in a local church or by hereditary affiliation and acclamation.

A Celestial is someone made through heart full believing and mouthful confession of the Lord Jesus Christ, NOT someone made through compulsory mouthing and coercion.

A Celestial is someone made through acceptance and practices of Christ’s personality, NOT someone made through religious affiliation, proclamation and practices. .

A Celestial is once a baby in the Lord who was responsible for his/her continuous growth, to the tune of becoming mature in the Lord to showforth the glory of God, NOT one living recklessly after being saved, hoping that once saved is always saved. .

A Celestial is a servant to righteousness, making sure the dictates of righteousness is duly followed even when he/she sometimes fall short, NOT one who enjoys sin and lives, works and walks in sin.

Are you a Celestial? Having read all the above and knowing who a Celestial is, am sure there is need to answer this question genuinely to yourself “Are you truly a Celestial?” .
More are to be said of a Celestial, who the creation waits earnestly for in expectation of his glorious manifestation. (Romans 8:19)


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