Time, The Regulator Of Life

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The reign of God was from eternity to eternity. God was not regulated by time. His reign has not timing, nor duration, nor change of position or status. The major reason why we call Him the Unchangeable God and the Ancient of Days.

In between the reign of God from eternity to eternity God created man and created time to regulate man not only man but everything that has life and not that alone, including everything situation, every season, every nature is regulated by time. That’s why everything has expiration date. Your situation or problem has expiration time.

Know this that you did not own time forever because time is not yours, you only know of the time you have spent and the time ahead of you only God has power over it. The more reason why, whoever waste your time, wastes your destiny. Time is the regulator of destiny. 10 minutes ago in your life can not come back again it’s gone and gone forever.

Talking about time the scriptures gave a detailed account in Ecclesiastes 3 and the Preacher started with verse 1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:” and he went on and on. But I love verse 11 opening sentence “He has made everything beautiful in its time….” Eccl 3 vs 11 .

You will not live here on earth forever. You came in at a specific time and at a specific time you shall exit. The time may be near, the time may be far, that’s why in the space of time spent, fulfilling purpose and destiny is far important and that is what everyone on earth should pursue. Our Lord Jesus was not 70, neither 120 nor 200 years old but just 33 years but I tell you, He fulfilled His purpose. .

Finally, procrastination they say it’s the thief of time and I say time is the regulator of life. Use your time wisely and judiciously. You don’t have luxury of Time, because time flies.

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