THE PROPHETIC HELPER – 7 Kinds Of Helpers Series 7

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God has been raising His true Prophets to help many helpless situations. Of course I know as you know that you are the Prophet of your destiny yes correct, but there is a Prophetic Helper whom God raises in helpless situations that you the “Prophet of your destiny” cannot handle. No matter how sharpen a knife is, it cannot cut rope tied around its handle, but ot can cut others. The truth is every destiny is in need of a genuine and a true Prophet that stands on the word of God.

The scripture is very clear and sacrosanct. It is stated in 2 Chronicles 20 : 20 “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” The true Prophets are the Oracle of God, the mouth piece of God, they speaks the mind of God. And the bible says when you believe a true and genuine prophet you shall prosper. I have many case studies. I will only give two.


Am sure many of us know this account that was given in 1 King 4 : 1 – 7 in which the widow’ s husband was a servant of the Lord but died in debt and creditors came troubling the widow and to worsen the situation, the widow had nothing except a jar of oil, of course even the jar of oil is something. In every nothing there is something if only you could look very well (A word for another day). And she met with the Prophet and the Prophet gave instructions and she believed and followed. There was a miracle of a jar of oil filling all the pots which was enough to sell to clear all her husband debts and hers. There was left overs which brought her out of lack to plenty. If God did not raise a Prophetic Helper am sure she would have died living her children behind as orphans. I prayed for you, God shall raise Prophetic Helper that God will speak through to put an end to your troubles and problems in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.


I decided to use this as a case study because it’s beyond human understanding and a life long testimony that remains a prayer point for others who thought their case is hopeless. Listen, my dear your case is not hopeless.

We all know the physical condition of Dr. Yinka Ayefele. Nevertheless, our God is God of Possibility in whom there is no impossibility. Dr Yinka met with Iya Adura in London and Iya Adura being an excellent, a very sound and sacrosanct woman of God,  prophesy into Dr. Yinka’s life that by this time next year he will become a father of his own children and exactly as God has spoken through Prophetess, and it came to pass as Dr Yinka Ayefele’s wife gave birth to a set of Triplets this made Dr Yinka Ayefele to be the first Nigerian Artiste both dead and living to have a set of TRIPLETS regardless of his situation. Listen God uses the things of the foolish to confound the wise. God is too Great than what you know or think.

A Prophetic Helper is raised to deliver you out of your troubles, struggles and unfortunate circumstances you also remember when there was famine and it got to a point of roasting children as food and the Prophet of God stood and spoke ” by this time tomorrow ” and that alone rescued the whole nation.

Listen, every destiny, every life, every soul is in need of a PROPHETIC HELPER, pray to God to raise genuine ones for you, not those who will feed on your predicaments.

Many thanks to God for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding He gave me to put all these series together, may His name be praised forevermore Amen. On this we conclude our series on 7 Kind of Helpers you need in your life and you must daily pray to God to raise for you. We want to believe these series have blessed you. Kindly drop your comments or questions. We are starting another series very soon. Remain blessed.

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One thought on “THE PROPHETIC HELPER – 7 Kinds Of Helpers Series 7

  • May 20, 2021 at 3:19 pm

    These series have been of great blessings to me. I really thank God for the insights and ask for greater impartation upon you. Shalom.


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