The Potency & Mystery of Water From The Bell – “Omi Agogo”

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This is one of the grace given to Celestial Church of Christ, only true Celestians can relate and understand the deep knowledge and potency behind water from the bell.

Immediately Jehovah, Jesus Christ and Holy Michael are called, the Voice that spoke in the beginning in Genesis Chapter 1 vs 2, speaks Light, Fire and Power into this water and the water becomes frustration killer, stagnancy destroyer, opportunity revival, blood cleanser, weapon of confrontation, destroyer of yokes, deliverance medicine, glory revival, Divine vaccination and immunity through the Name of Jesus Christ and transport round the body systems.

There are numerous and countless miracles God has done through the water from the bell. It has cured postrate cancer, diabetes, lung cancer, heart problem, still birth and more to mention few.

If you are a pregnant woman, singer, prophet or prophetess, minister of the Gospel or multivational speaker, don’t joke with water from the bell.

Lastly visit any godly CCC parish today and take “Omi Agogo” as fondly called by Celestians.

May the spirit of S.B.J Oshoffa and the grace that commissioned the great church never depart from the church. Amen🙏🙏🙏

Written By
Evang. Gabriel Oluwatosin Lawal
for Celestial Faces

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