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Written by P. Damilola @celestial_divas

God designed men and women for interdependence and multiplication. The human heart is a bed of rich, fertile soil, just waiting to receive the seeds of influence.


Those seeds of influence are planted in our hearts by our relationships, and they will produce a crop that will manifest in our Character and in the outcome of our lives.

It is a process that we can neither inhibit nor stop. The very nature of influence is to bring multiplication. Bad relationships will plant seeds of destructive influence, and the result will be a crop of bad outcomes and destruction in a person’s life.

By contrast, relationships with Wise, honorable people will sowthe seeds of wisdom and integrity into an individual’s heart, producing a multiplication and Harvest of wisdom, Honour, favor, promotion and blessing in that individual’s life.

A human heart will, without question or doubt, multiply and produce whatever seeds of influence it receives. We cannot prevent the seeds from producing. However, what we can and must do is choose on purpose which seeds of influence are planted within our Hearts.

The only way to accomplish this is to be extremely selective in choosing our Relationship. Never give chance for any BAD ENERGY OR BEHAVIOUR. Yes they will say you are Too choosy never mind them
Remember the people around you defines your vision and dreams.

If the person in you life can’t multiply or transform your life then drop them .

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