The Message Of The Passion Week

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As we round up the passion week 2019 it’s also very important to note that going through the week is important but the week going through you is far more important.

When the passion week goes through you, you will not just learn the expected virtues, you will not just learn the lessons of passion week, you will not just fast because it’s mere a religious activity but you will really have an encounter that will make your life not to be the same after passion week and after Easter.

It’s very disastrous if you quit sins all because of passion week and afterwards you beginning to visit your vomit. It’s as good as you have just wasted your time and you have just suffered yourself in vain.

Let all the teachings of the passion week you have learnt and received be seen evident in your life. Be the practical doers and not mouth doers of His Word. Col 3:16 says let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly. Let the Word of Christ emanates from your heart. Become a good Ambassador of Christ and continue to allow your life to REFLECT the love of Christ.

Summarised Lessons From Passion Week
1. Love
2. Obedience
3. Humility
4. Forgiveness
5. Compassion
6. Self Denial
7. Prayerfulness
8. Perseverance
9. Focus
10. Faith
11. Patience
12. Avoid being Greedy. And many more….

Don’t carpet all you have received, let it reflect the passion week is not in vain in your life.

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