The Fear Of The Truth

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Many times we are confronted with the fear of speaking the truth in the midst of wrong doings. The fear of being rejected after saying the truth. The fear of being nicknamed after we speak the truth. Hence we shortchanged our conscience which actually knows the truth and echoes it in our ears, in our hearts, but because of the fear of the truth, we slaughtered the truth. We sacrificed the truth for our acceptance by the wrong doers probably they are rich and wealthy and most likely powerful than us.

We often times preferred to slaughter our knowledge of the truth by our silence because those involved are mighty and powerful. Hmmm! What a cold feet, because of the fear of the truth. Kudos to those that see the truth and speak it.

Failure of speaking the truth have made room for adulterated culture, teachings and learning in Celestial Church of Christ which eventually becomes norms and many now call them doctrines and tenets whereas they are big lies, never part of our tenets, not part of our doctrines, not part of Celestial Culture. But those who ought to speak up and speak the truth are silent. Hmmm what about posterity sake? Don’t think about now. Think about future. Our children are growing faster.

Many have become great grand fathers and mothers who are embedded with the truth. The countdown is counting already. Do you want to be buried with the truth? Christ the owner of His Church is seated in His temple watching…. We all shall give account and then there shall no be excuse for the fear of the truth.

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