THE CONNECTING HELPER – 7 Kinds Of Helpers Series 2

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In this new month, God shall raise CONNECTING HELPERS  for you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. We started exposition on 7 Kinds of Helpers yesterday and we looked at The Timely Helper.


Today, we want to consider The Connecting Helper. This kind of helpers may not have what it takes to help you, they may not have the capacity to give you what you need but they will CONNECT you with those that will give you what you need. Some don’t have the money you are looking for, but they can connect you with the money you are looking for. Some cannot give you jobs, contracts, etc but they have the capacity to connect you which  will deliver to you what you need or want.


This kind of helpers can be looked down upon. They are easily taking for granted. If PRIDE is resident in your life you will miss this kind of helpers. A Connecting Helper could be that maid you take for granted, it could be your guard, it could be that Sideman/Sidewoman you think is not important.  Importantly, they are people you hardly think any help could come out from them.




The bible gave account of Naaman as not just captain of the host of the King of Syria but was a great man with his master, and honourable, he was also a mighty man in valour, but he was a LEPER. One day the little Maid (A Jew),  she said unto her mistress(Naaman’s wife) there is a Prophet in Isreal that can deliver your husband from this leprosy. The little maid cannot take away the leprosy, but she knows someone who can take it away and Naaman was connected with Prophet Elisha and the leprosy was gone, Naaman was healed. If Naaman’s wife and Naaman himself talked down or underrated the Maid, Naaman would have died a LEPER, but thank God for the CONNECTING HELPER.


I pray for you, God shall raise connecting helpers for yu and you shall not lose or miss them, but they shall fulfill that good they are sent to do in your life in Jesus Mighty Name.


Please drop your comment. Lets meet again tomorrow for the 3rd Kind of Helper you need in your life.


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