Staying Off An Abusive Relationship

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Love Is beautiful, Love tolerates, Love is gentle. But When it gets to a point where hitting each other is involved , it becomes an Abusive Relationship. Many out there are into relationships where the man hits them when arguments occurs and later take them out to show how much he is sorry for his actions.
Some Men also experience this when a lady slap or throw objects at the man out of Anger.

Today we have couple who at least in a week hit themselves after arguing on issues. Abusive relationships are incredibly difficult, and the longer you stay in one, the worse things will get. And one day, it may likely lead to something terrible . Often, people maintain relationships that aren’t beneficial to them and the other person . They do things for no good reason. People who hit their partners feel entitled to hit them. It says a lot about how they view their partners and their worth. It says a lot about how they feel stressful situations should be dealt with.

As a lady If you stay with your boyfriend who hit you, you are effectively telling him that you are fine with being hit, that you are worthy of being hit, that you deserve to be hit when you or he make mistakes, you are a viable target, and that when he hits you and all he has to do is be nice to you for a while and you’ll stay because all you need is to be respected and loved After all, he is a nice guy when he’s not beating the hell out of you!

You don’t need to stay in such Relationship, let it go. As hard as it may be to let go of this guy or lady it’s in your best interest to do so. Someone who truly loves you and cares about you would never harm you . It is not a sign of love , and no amount of apology afterward can make up for the actions.

Stay off an Abusive Relationship, don’t patch things up till it get to Death Stage.

By Sister Tosin Igbagboyemi

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