Safe Driving Tips As You Embark On The Trip To Celestial City (Imeko Afon)

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In anticipation of 2019 Imeko Annual Convocation we @celestialfaces felt the onus to share a list of the things to watch out for on our trip to celestial city (Imeko Afon).

* Watch out for our very own Nigeria road designs; pot holes and ditches of various sizes.

* Approaching Imeko Afon you’d encounter lots of sharp bends, please be extra careful and at alert.

* Also watch out for bumps, most especially at Idi-Emi.

* Speeding while driving can be life threatening. May we not end our lives as we journey to and from Imeko in God’s name (Amen).

In addition;

* Ensure you carry at least 5litres of water along in case your car’s radiator is thirsty.

* Ensure you check all that needs to be checked; fuel level, rear lights, head lamps, trafficator lights, brake, and the likes before you embark on your journey to Imeko-Afon.

Note: If you will be driving to Imeko for the first time, please ensure not to drive at night except someone who is familiar with the route is with you and such person must be awake until you get to your final destination.

We at Celestial Faces wishes you a safe and stress-free trip to and from 2019 Imeko Convocation

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