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Here comes the long awaited Passion Week 2020. And it’s important for everyone to simply understand what this week represent and what is expected of you. I have therefore pen down few points in this regard. Let’s examine it one after the other.

1. Today marks the journey of our Lord Jesus Christ to the cross also the beginning of 7 days prayer and fasting as directed by Pastor Founder. It is expected that every Celestial will observe the passion week.

2. Ensure to fast and pray wholeheartedly. The passion week is characterised by fasting and prayer.

3. A week to understand His sufferings and never take it for granted. During this week, the Holy Spirit will interpret to us and open our eyes to see what our Lord Jesus Christ went through as He went to the Cross.

4. This week led to the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Exactly on Friday this same week so many thousands years ago at 3pm, He gave up the ghost on the Cross at Calvary and He paid the long over due debt once and for all.

5. You must learn to give to others just as the Lord has given out Himself to the world willingly He was not forced so we must not be forced to render help or give to others. The passion week teaches giving unconditionally.

6. A week of understanding the expression of His unconditional love. The week is an embodiment of His Unfailing Love towards mankind. He could have turn back when the cup of sufferings was so much but because of His unresisted love, He endured till the end. Oh what a love.

7. After this week, it is expected you would have attain some level of spiritual growth from the spiritual journey therefore never look back but press further and forward continue to grow in Him.

Shalom! Shalom!!

Julius Johnny
Celestial Faces.

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