Of What Use Is Your Wealth?

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Most times I listen to people when they try to show off their materials, wealth, resources, money etc. Hmmm! Then I ask the question, of what use are all these overflowing resources when you cannot bless lives, transform lives, build lives, touch lives. Of what use?

Let me break it down. Let me start from the simple to the complex. Of what use is the 5, 6, 7, 10, 20 Sutanas you have kept inside your wardrope when someone around you has just 1 that he/she wash and wear every Sunday through out the month whereas you have varieties of Sutanas most time you are confused of the one to wear to church. Of what use are all these garments when someone is suffering, does not even have? Fine you cannot give one out of the ones you wear but you can as well get a good sutana for #1,500 with sewing #1,000 making a total of #2,500. With #2,500 you will fill someone’s heart with joy.

Of what use is that wealth if the lives in your parish cannot be affected positively without begging for your mercy. God did not give you the wealth, riches, resources, money to be used or spent by you alone. He gave you and placed lives around you that you must affect positively. And the more you are fulfilling His own cause the more He keeps blessing you.

Let me open your eyes to this wonderful scripture “He that gives unto the poor lends unto the LORD, and He will pay him back.” Prov 19:17. Everything you give wholeheartedly to the poor you lend unto the Lord. Mind you, we have many in your church who are poor that you can affect positively. So, everything you give to the poor you lend the Lord and our God is more than credit worthy to repay you, so why are you worried, keep sowing and keep reaping, every dutiful and addicted sower is a happy and bountiful harvester.

God did not give you those resources, riches, wealth, materials, money to OPPRESS, SUSPRESS and DEPRESS others. He gave you for His glorification and upliftment of mankind so bless God and bless man with it. When giving becomes your life style, prosperity becomes your identity.

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