May: The Month of LULIFICATION.

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On the 23rd of May 1947 – Was not only an historical day for Celestial Church of Christ but a very significant and a day of commissioning, also an empowerment day of Celestial Church of Christ. Without 23rd of May 1947 events and happenings surrounding CCC will be incomplete.

May 23rd, 1947 gave birth to LULI given to Pastor Prophet Founder Rev SBJ Oshoffa and this same day was the eclipse of the sun as a great sign to the great commission given to the Pastor Founder.

And today, we have several millions of people on the surface of this planet earth who have benefited from the grace of LULI. Oops! Did I just say grace of LULI? LULI is Grace! Many have benefited from the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in CCC. Kings of Empires, Presidents of Nations, High Profiled Personalities, Servants of God, Celebrities, Officials, Workers, Students, Members name it, they all have tasted the LULI given to CCC.

So, it’s very important to understand the events that unfold on the 23rd of May 1947 as it points to the establishment of Celestial Church of Christ. So, may I use this opportunity to correct a line in our popular celestial song – September 29th 1947 was not the day of Eclipse of the Sun but May 23rd 1947. And am very sure our father in the Lord who sang the song is still alive working on how to correct that line because of posterity.

Every true and real Celestian is LULIFIED. It’s a very biggest grace to be lulified. Those who operates in grace, by grace, under grace find everything in life on the platter of grace. The truth that cannot be hidden is that Grace actually speaks and still speaks and shall continue to speak but we must not take the grace for a ride, we must not take it for granted, we must really appreciate that we are products of LULI and we are Proudly Celestial!

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