May 23rd 1947: The Day of Encounter, Empowerment & Luli

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Papa SBJ Oshoffa said, on the 23rd May 1947, the day of the eclipse of the sun, as I was praying in the forest on this trip, I heard a voice and could not open my eyes. The voice I heard was ‘LULI’, and the same voice told me ‘This means The Grace of Jesus Christ’. When I opened my eyes, I saw a white monkey with two teeth each top and bottom with winged hands and feet like those of a bat. When it wants to fly, it flaps it’s wings forward. But it was stationary. I saw a bird with yellow feet, yellow beak and long tail. It would sometimes fan out it’s tail like peacock does, and it was multi-coloured was stationary. I also saw a short snake about one foot long. As it stood stationary, it was coiled and it’s mouth was puffed like a Cobra. When I heard this voice, I NOTICED I FELT QUITE DIFFERENT FROM MY NORMAL SELF. ….and I then noticed that there was A COMPLETE CHANGE IN ME.

After this powerful encounter, the event that follows was the first beneficiary of the power of God which empowered Papa Oshoffa was the Canoe Paddler who suffered stomach pains due to stealing of Papa Oshoffa’s food. But by layiby of hands the stomach pains disappeared the Canoe Paddles ran way because such power exhibited was strange to him.

This event elongated Papa Oshoffa’s stay in the forest because he could not paddle the Canoe and it was this period of 3 months he received more visions and empowerment which brought about great change in him.

Since that day, it was a different story of unusual display of the living power of God such that demons bow, witches and wizards tremble, illness disappeared, many were raised from the dead. Nature listens to Papa Oshoffa when he speaks. At the display of the power of God in his life, the sea that went off it’s boundary and could not return to it’s place was made to go back to its place.

The lessons of 23rd May 1947 emphasized on the role of ENCOUNTER and EMPOWERMENT by the Holy Spirit. As a Celestial, as a believer you will be operating at a very high frequency if you are empowered, you are capable of doing the impossible. You cannot be molested by anyone, any situation, any issue, any problem, any challenge because the Holy Spirit will always put you on top of things.

Second lesson was that of LULI. The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This show us the importance of operating inside the grace. It emphasized on the joy and blessings of being LULIFIED. When you are lulified, you are a different person, you are covered by His grace, you operate and get things done easily. And that’s why, it’s very dangerous for you to fall out of grace. Never you fall out of grace. Abide in His grace and you shall continue to enjoy all His goodness and it shall be well with you in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN.

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