It Is Finished No more Debt To Pay.

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The long overdue debt and the yet to owe debt, all fully paid by His precious blood. He paid the arrears and He also paid in advance. No more debt to pay. It is finished!

Here is the truth, if you reject this payment, YOU will have to pay through your BLOOD during the TRIBULATION PERIOD the period of ANTI-CHRIST. Then DEATH will no longer be ACTIVE, people will choose to die but death is on VACATION.

You will be faced with two options either you accept to the dictates and RULERSHIP of ANTI-CHRIST or you DISAGREE and face the tribulation, suffering and pay dearly for the redemption of your soul.

Be WISE, accept and enjoy the meal ticket offered by Christ till eternity. CCC Hymn 681 gave a very clear message. Talking about Christ as the King and Redeemer, King of Salvation. King who sells and buys Who sells out free of charge. the King who entertains the hungry people. He said Seek ye me, seek ye me.

Don’t be carried away by the noise of the market and forget about the Home. RAPTURE shall take place as said by the scriptures after which ANTI-CHRIST will surface. If you dare miss it, then you will have to go through the TRIBULATION PERIOD.

It may interest you to know that everything is set, the table is fully set, the foundation has been well layed for ANTI-CHRIST to merge the only thing that is delaying the Anti-Christ is the RAPTURE.

CHRIST’S death today several years ago must not go in vain. CCC Hymn 176 said Father authorized from Heaven that Celestial Church of Christ from above the fold to purify the world. The last period is approaching Christ Jesus will surely return to give judgment to all the world HIS DEATH upon the wooden CROSS BLOOD and the WATER that both flowed out of his punctured sacred side must not be made to flow in VAIN. All eyes will surely behold Him and all the Host of His Holy Angels.

All SINNERS should be repentant for that great day, a trembling day. The Angels will blow their trumpets (RAPTURE) earth and heaven shall be rolled away oceans will all seize to exist and all the dead will resurrect. Some with happiness exceeding others will have great afflictions. Sinners will really tremble on that day.

Listen to this stanza 4 says Those who died for the words of Christ. Those who carried his wooden cross will RESURRECT with great glory. They will be cloaked with glorious gown. They will be crowned with golden crowns. With tender palm fronds in their hands They will fly up to meet their Christ (RAPTURE) Weariness will they know no more Halleluyah the voices all proclaim. Amen.

It is finished, Jesus Christ fixed it once and for all. He paid the utmost price. So, never take it for granted, cherish it, appreciate it. He is speaking to you today, accept the works of redemption and salvation He has done for you and I. May the PEACE of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you now and forever. Amen.

Shalom! Shalom!!

Written by

Julius Johnny
Celestial Faces

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