How God Turns Our Failures Into Success

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Failures are the steppingstones to success. Abraham Lincoln proved that failures are valuable training courses for future success. He was defeated for political office several times before he finally became President of the United States. Our abilities to manage our current failures will determine our abilities to succeed in the nearest future.

Just because we are Christian business people doesn’t mean we will not experience all of the troubles and problems that secular businesses go through. But the Lord says in Ps 50:12, “I want you to trust me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you, and you can give me glory”. God sees our failures as Opportunities to receive the glory.

If we solve our own problems; who gets the credit? We do and other businesspeople envy or admire us for our business brain. But if we trust God when we have a problem and He rescues us from the situation, who get the credit? God does. God wants to turn your failures into successes so that we and businesspeople in the marketplace will learn that He is concerned about the businessperson’s problems. The Lord will solve them if only we trust Him and let Him be our business partner.

According to James 1:2-4, a lot of good can come out of our failures, we should remain positive when they occur. The person who trusted in God during a problem or failure does not need to worry; God will work the situation out for good. His plan is to turn our failure to success. Satan’s goal when we fail is to turn us away from God and make us bitter and resentful. He wants to make us fearful so we will be unwilling to try again. As a result, we miss out on the full potential and blessing God has for us.

When failures come, it is important that we monitor our attitudes. We must remain positive, believing that God will rescue us and turn the situation into good. The first step insuring that our attitudes remain positive is to submit ourselves to God; by resisting Satan we will find him fleeing from us James 4:7. Next is that we must thank God during the situation (1 thess.5:16-18) and finally, we must make a decision to focus on the positive aspects of the negative situation (Phil 4:8).

If you are currently going through a problem or failure, or if you have gone through one recently, evaluate the actual cause of that failure.

God Bless You.

by Peter Ivienagbor

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