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Many times in the place of prayer you hear people crying and praying aloud asking God to bless them mightily. Of course, the blessing of the Lord makes rich and not adding any sorrow to it. But when you have the privilege to x-ray the reason behind their prayers asking God to bless them then you marvel.

The reason why some are asking God to bless them is to proof a point and show off. They have been oppressed, suppressed and depressed and in honest fact they are really looking for a revenge and the only way is that God should bless them too.

Let’s check the scriptures. A certain woman called Hannah was suppressed and oppressed by Peninnah in 1 Samuel 1:6-16. And because of what she has suffered she did not give God the REASON to have a child. In her heart she needs a child to proof a point that she is not barren, to wipe away all the shame, oppression and suppression from Peninnah. Many times God would not respond because we want to take revenge. Don’t forget He said in His word, Vegence is mine. If your REASON is to show off or take revenge God might not answer you as a matter of fact God understands how to deal with your oppressors and surpressors if you don’t agree ask Rachael the mother of Joseph in Genesis.

1 Samuel 1:11 says …Please give me a son! If you do, I’ll give him back to you. Then he will serve you all the days of his life…. Now Hannah has presented a case before the Lord, she gave God her REASON to have a child is not to proof a point to others but to give back to the Lord, wow! Exciting! This exactly matched the desire of God whom was seeking for a replacement for Eli and God endorsed her request. She gave birth to Samuel and 5 others.

Our reasons most times are the hindrances to our prayer requests. Why do you need that husband? Why do you need that child? Why do you need material and financial blessings? If your reasons are wrong and the motives of your heart are so terrible, you may be waiting forever. Change your reason, change the motive of your heart, God sees it, He knows it, you can deceive man, you cannot deceive God.

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