From That Moment

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The ‘moment’ you take your LAST Breath, you are fully on your own. You can’t make any amend again and restitutions are just impossible. You will not be able to make corrections or ask for the forgiveness of your sins from your fellow humans and God.

You cannot summon your Lawyers or mobilise thy friends and family members. From that moment you cannot call your prophets for prayers or spiritual works. Indeed, you won’t need to read your Bible, pray, fast or go to various mountains and river-banks from that moment.

All Mr and Mrs Preachers will not bother to persuade or plead with you to REPENT again. Nobody will ever beg you not to be terrible, cruel, smoke, drink, murder, dupe, steal or rape again. Nobody will ever warn you again to kindly stop roaming about all available streets/clubs at night or to stop dressing anyhow. Yes, all the subjects of herbalists, witches, wizards, spiders, flies, birds as well as those wicked uncles and aunts in your family will not bother you anymore from that moment.

Your denomination, title, rank, positions, wealth and qualifications won’t matter from that very second.

Hebrews 9:27 ►
Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment

©Evangelist T Aluko Preaches

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