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I want us to look at a situation where we are even paying demonic agents to openly import evils into our Parishes. The rate at which the so called ‘gospel musicians’ are being used by Lucifer to pollute the souls of our youths and innocent children calls for a joint action. Those who pioneered the gospel music terrain decades ago never borrowed slangs, lyrics and dance-steps from secular/worldly musicians. They delivered unto us godly songs, edifying lyrics and glorious dance steps. They did not borrow ‘slangs or dance moves’ from the popular juju, fuji, apala, waka or highlife legends of those days.

However, the story had changed in our own generation. Our gospel musicians had forgotten that they are meant to be the light and the salt of this generation. They are now getting insiprations from secular musicians. The worldly singers are now the sources where our ‘gospel musicians’ are getting songs, slangs and dance steps from. The moment any hip hop singer releases a song, a slang or a dance move, our gospel musicians must grab it and come with it to pollute our youths. They no longer get inspirations from the Lord but by following the trends of secular singers.

Most of them even go to clubs and hotels to perform only to come to our churches trying to impose on us things learnt from such places. They are collecting huge sums only to come before our altars and be trying to rebrand ‘gutter’ slangs and satanically induced dance steps. They will even be trying to defend their evil missions by claiming that afterall David danced naked before the Ark of Covenant. Just like their master the Devil, they must twist the scriptures to defend their godless missions.

Like Aaron’ kids, they are not afraid to offer strange fires before the Lord. We cannot continue like this at all. This is the very moment the leaders of this Divine Church must set clear rules designed to stop this invasion from bunch of worldly entertainers masquerading as ‘gospel musicians’.

The church must take a stand against all these ‘singers’ who are always trying to import and defend ungodly songs and styles of dances which are not honourable among God’s own people. When it comes to Praising and Dancing for the Lord, even other denominations respect the Celestians. We cannot then fold our hands and allow all these ambassadors of evil to destroy and polute our God given heritage. Amen.

Kindly share to fellow Celestians.

From T.A.

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One thought on “FELLOW CCC MEMBERS: A Wake Up Call

  • July 13, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    This is very nice. Thank you for speaking up sir


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