Dance Like David Danced, Not Twerking In The Church

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In honesty, I had to go back to the books of Samuel and Chronicles to study the case study of David’s dance when heresy have began to build up on the kind of dance King David danced.

As a matter of fact the bible established that “And as the ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal Saul’s daughter looked through a window, and saw king David LEAPING and DANCING before the Lord; and she despised him in her heart.” 2 Sam 6:16.

The scripture did not authorize that David was TWERKING as its done by ladies, all in the name of dancing FREELY in the presence of the Lord. I read a lot, someone once said when you are too joyous you will not be mindful of the kind of DANCE you dance in His presence. Then I want to submit that you cannot be over joyous to the extent of being possessed by the demonic spirit of dancing that makes you to twerk, which lead you astray in the bid of dancing to HEAVEN but actually dancing to HELL.

Twerking in the church is forbidding. It’s the of the lies of the Devil. It’s the signs of the end time and that’s why many who are porous would not see anything bad with it. And before you know it if not checked it becomes norms, and becomes part of the Church. Twerking in the Church is Satanic, it’s Jezebelish and it should not be encouraged neither condoned.

In no time, because the adult church danced like David danced ‘Twerking in the Church’ you will soon see such dance emerged from children Sunday school. What is scripturally & spiritually wrong is wrong and what is morally wrong is wrong. You cannot be hypocritical about this issue but as for me I stand by the Lord and detest Twerking in the Church all the name of dancing like David dance.

I agree you can be FREE when dancing before the Lord but not to the extent of losing your senses, not to the extent of losing your consciousness, not to the extent of losing your church mind, your sanctity, your moral mind.


God bless His Church, His People, God bless you All.

By Admin, Celestial Faces

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