Celestial Not A Denomination

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For the purpose of records and posterity, I will like to put this straight and very clear that Celestial Church of Christ is not a denomination. Every denomination is an off spring of another denomination. But Celestial Church of Christ root is in Heaven.

Celestial Church have existed before the emergence of all various denomination. It is the Church in Heaven that was descended on earth. It was a church that was given to Christ having successfully completed His mission on earth. The Church is of Christ and that’s why it’s foundation is different from that of any other Church or denomination.

It is a perfect Church in Heaven given to worship Jehovah. It was the Church that Lucifer saw worshipping God in Heaven and he wanted to seat upon the congregation of Celestial but was rebuked and sent out.

The major reason why Lucifer is raging onslaught against the Church in a very bigger way. Because He was dislodged from Heaven because of the Church. A very good reference is CCC Hymn 612 Ijinle ise l’oluwa ran
T’awon angeli wa je fun wa
K’agba ‘jo f’etisile ke gbo
K’agba ‘jo f’eti sile ke gbo
Satani di amure
Satani di amure
Isegun kan ko si fun esu
Isegun kan ko si fun esu

And when the Church descended it was openly declared according to CCC Hymn 176 “Baba pa lase lat’orun wa, Ki gbogbo aiye si wariri
Fun ‘jo mimo, tar’Orun wa, Ijo yi ni yio we aiye mo
Aje, oso, yio wariri, L’abe agbara mimo yi
Awon angeli si kun f’ayo, Iyanu, f’oko ikehin
Halleluya fun ise oluwa”.

I belong to Celestial Church of Christ which is not a denomination, not an offshoot of any other earthly church but a Church in Heaven descended on Earth. That’s why everything about Celestial Church of Christ is unique and different and a lay man may not understand. CCC Hymn 526 Ona to ‘lorun ngba soro
Late se ise re
Ona re enikan ko mo
Awamaridi ni

Alaigbagbo won yio sina
Won ko ‘se oluwa
Sugbon awa to gb’oluwa gbo
A ki yio pofo laiye. Amin

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