Business Innovation And Vision

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Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare. Everybody has eyes; but few people have vision. And what separates a successful person from a failure is the difference in the way they see. Business is the result of seeing the world differently from how other people see it.

While in the college in California, two young men during the summer vacation traveled on the train to India, the second largest nation in the world.

They came to the great city of Bombay, and saw hundreds of thousands of Indians. One saw thousands and thousands of people in the street on bare feet. But his friend, Tom, looked at the same people, looked at their feet, and exclaimed.

Whoa, what a shoe business! Within one year, Tom dropped out of college, and in one year, he shipped and sold five million dollars’ worth of plastic shoes in India. In one year, this young student became a multimillionaire. Tom has just solved foot wear problem in India, and in the process made himself a multimillionaire businessman. 

Every problem is a business. Every business is someone’s solution to a problem. You don’t need money first; you need to discover a problem first, and decide to solve the problem. God gave you breath to solve a problem, and when you find that problem you are born to solve, you have found your business. That problem will prosper you. Prosperity is found in the gift that you brought to the earth to solve a problem. Business is not just finding something to sell; Business is matching your gift with a problem. Study your neighborhood and find the problems. Study your city and find solutions to the problems there. Bill Gates is simply a young man who saw a problem, and decided that he had the intellectual ability to solve it.

If you see a problem, why don’t you do something about it? The world is waiting for you, “for the earnest expectation of the creature wait for the manifestation of the sons of God” Rom 8:19.

Follow these steps:

  • Discover your talent(s) and develop a business idea around it.
  • Identify problems within your environment and develop a business idea around it then write a business plan.

God bless you.

By Peter Ivienagbor

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