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Several millions of people who answer Celestial in the world today has this question to address—AM I REALLY A CELESTIAL ?

The history of the Word—Celestial—shows vividly that it is more of actions, deeds, beliefs and personality (Acts 11:19-26), than of profession, confession or nomenclature. .

A Celestial is someone who follows the teachings and/or manifests the qualities or Spirit of Jesus Christ. A Celestial is someone who is born of the same Spirit that begat Lord Jesus. He/she is a person who people see Christ in and through; a responsible and active believer, who stands always for the gospel of God’s kingdom and righteousness.

More is to be told of a Celestial , for a Celestial supposed to be everything Christ is today “because as he is, so are we in this world.”—1 John 4:17

Beloved, if you would sincerely check yourself, are you worthy to claim a Celestial? Are you working up to the maturity of the Christ? Are you poured into His mould, expecting to be molded into His full personality someday?

This is only a call for sober reflection, that we may all be conscious of the PERSON we answer as name; thereby living up to the standard expected from the person who is called a CELESTIAL! Don’t just answer, live up!


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