9 Folds Of Maturity You Need In That Relationship

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If God wants all of us to get married when then can we say somebody is marrying late? Many people will say when a lady celebrates her 30th birthday as a single, she is already having a late marriage. Late marriage is not all about time. Readiness for marriage is more than being advanced in age. It involves total maturity. A lady that graduates at 18 may be ready for marriage at 22 or 23. But what of a lady that starts university at 28 or a 34-year-old man that is still trusting God for a job. They cannot be said to be ready for marriage despite their age.

Marriage involves 9-fold maturities which are:

1. Physical maturity – This includes age, good health with the ability to work and earn a living.

2. Spiritual maturity – Being genuinely born again and filled with the Holy Spirit; ability to hear from God, pray and study the Bible. Possessing the fruit and gifts of the Spirit.

3.Emotional Maturity – Ability to handle anger, sadness, joy, love, hatred, etc. Readiness to leave one’s parents, family and friends and cleave to one’s spouse.

4.Social maturity – Ability to forgive and forbear. Friendliness, comradeship, ability to adjust, accommodate, and development of good and godly character.

5.Financial Maturity – Ability to make, manage, save and invest money.

6.Moral Maturity – Ability to put sex under control. Abstain from sex before marriage as well as sticking to one’s partner after the wedding.

7. Intellectual Maturity – Good knowledge of marriage, one’s profession or career, etc.

8.Mental Maturity – Ability to think and act rightly towards marriage, In-laws, children, spouse, neighbours, etc.

9.Domestic Maturity – Ability to do house chores, cook, serve and take good care of babies, etc.

 A lady may be in her thirties and still be immature in any of these. Such should first seek ways of developing herself rather than running after marriage.

But if a lady is truly mature in these areas and in her mid-thirties then we can say she is having a late marriage. We therefore need to check the cause of this because if you are truly mature you can hardly lack a mate.

Bisi Adewale

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